Thursday, April 18, 2013

Off to Africa Again

Off to Mozambique, Africa this time learning, testing, and teaching about selling compost, connected to CNFA. Farmer to Farmer Project withTerra Nova, which means New Earth.

Today is also a big day for us, we are having our new book published "GARDENING FOR LIFE - No Money Required" It's an illustrated garden manual full of hundreds of how-to-do photos.  Book available mid May. 

You want to start growing your own food, but are any "Yeah Buts" holding you back?.

What are your "Yeah, buts"?

·         Poor soil
·         Too cold or too hot
·         Strong winds
·         Deer
·         Bugs (grasshoppers)
·         No time
·         Hard work
·         Takes too long
·         Inconvenience
·         No water
·         No $$ Too expensive
·         Weeds, weeds, weeds
·         Slugs, voles, birds, rabbits
·         Short growing season
·         No land
·         Bad childhood memories
·         Past failures
·         Stolen produce

Get a copy of this book to free yourself of your "Yeah Buts"
Stay tuned as the new book is on it's way.  YEAH! 



  1. Sounds like what I need. Besides deer, moles, voles, bears, short growing season and depleted soil everything is fine. Can you really help?

  2. Yep we have the same items here in backwoods Montana
    Hoop overtop of garden boxes full of compost
    Shade in hot summer wind break netting
    Plastic sheeting in winter
    Net fiber for small animals even some bugs
    several pages in the book help
    Take care Wayne