Monday, February 18, 2013

Life Giving Moringa Oleifera Tree

The Amazing Moringa Tree

These are 5-day old Moringa trees, seeded in small pots indoors, in February in Montana, USA.

Moringa Oleifera is one of the most nutrient-dense plants in the world, a true super food.
They are native to the foodhills of the Himalayas, now spread across the world in tropical and sub-tropical areas.  They grow well in hot dry areas, in poor soils.  A solution to many of the world's problems.

 Here is why I am growing Moringa trees indoors in the cold climate of Montana:
This is an amazing tree, chucked full of God's nutrients:

Some literature says that Moringa has:   
·         7 times the Vitamin C as there is in oranges
·         3 times the potassium as there is in bananas
·         3 times the iron as there is in spinach
·         4 times the Vitamin A as there is in carrots
·         4 times the calcium as there is in milk
·        2 times the protein as there is in yogurt

 It is a tree of many uses:  Used for 2,000 years
·         Human food (complete amino acids + 40% protein)
·         Loaded with vitamins and minerals
·         Animal fodder
·         Water purification  (Exodus 15:22-27)
·         Medicine 
·         Healing  
·         Living fence (shade and livestock boundary) 
·         Boosts immunity systems & prevents sickness
·         Natural pesticide  
·         Fertilizer
*          Phytochemicals, (anti - bacterial, virus, & fungus)
·         Fuel wood, cooking oil plus many other uses
One personal testimony, I was coming down with bronchitis one morning and started to drink a smoothie with Moringa leaf powder along with kale, spinach, blue berries plus other ingredients.

RESULTS: Almost immediately, my sore throat stopped hurting and within a few days, I felt fine.   I healed much faster than other people did in our family with the same bronchitis and did not develop the cough that comes with this troublesome virus infection.

 For more information, visit the Discovery Channel's Documentation at


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