Monday, May 18, 2015

The "MOZ" Bucket Garden with Sticks and Straw in the soil.

Here is a photo of a new way to grow more food.

It's called The "MOZ" Bucket Garden because it was developed in Mozambique, Africa in Sept. 2014

The soils in this 5 gallon bucket are divided into 5 different layers.
The very bottom of this bucket has 3 plastic water bottles placed flat in the bottom of the bucket with holes poked in them.  These water bottles function as a water reservoir allowing water to seep inside the empty water bottles and when the soils start to dry out, the water wicks or moves back out into the soils.
Lowest soil layer 3 inches of potting soil
Next layer 2 inches of dry wood sticks
Next layer another 3 inches of potting soil
Next layer 2 inches of straw
Top Layer 5 inches of homemade compost
These plants are only 60 days old and have reached a height of 4 feet measured from the top of the bucket. (Mustard Greens and Bok Choy)
We have been bucket gardening for 6 year but never had this much explosive plant grow as The "MOZ" bucket has produced.  There is a window cut in the side of this bucket which allows the viewing of the plant roots and to view what will happen to the wood sticks.  More tests to follow.   Any comments will be appreciated.  By the way, We just harvested this whole group of plants and drank them. Smoothies Galore. Yummy full of health

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