Monday, April 28, 2014

Wanded Little Green Thumbs

We have lunched The "Little Green Thumb Movement".
Why?  Our kids are our future!   However; we have a huge concern about their disconnection from the land.   Many only know that their food comes from a store.  In fact, they can not identify vegetables plants.  We tested this in Texas while teaching gardening in the schools and 90 percent of the kids could not name the vegetables we had planted in a portable bucket garden.

They say, if you want to influence people, do it while they are young, possible before the age of 9.  We want to reach 1 Million new green thumbs.  This photo shows a demonstration at a library.  Just look at  faces of the kid's and you can see and feel their excitement and enthusiasm. 

They made newspaper pots, filled them with soil and planted a seed.  This resulted in a hands-on take home
introduction to 'Gardening for Life'.  Along with laminate instructions on how to make "Super Soils" and the paper pots.  They also made plant labels from popsicle sticks and they got to wear green cloth thumbs. 

We received an e-mail from a boy who went home and made a wooden raised garden bed with cardboard on top of the soil (all instructions on page 48 of our book). Gardening for Life - No Money Required book available on Amazon at  
 The methods are working, would you like to join us and start clubs in your area?  Get on board and let's make a difference together. 

Please fill free to contact us at or call 406-328-6808 to schedule a Gardening for Life - Little Green Thumb session for your community.  This is a very important undertaking, we could sure use your help.

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  1. You are amazing!!! It's true that the new generation is so far away from the Mother Nature, most of them are totally obsessed with the technologies and they really don't have idea where , for example, carrots are coming from ! I really appreciate your work and efforts!