Friday, June 14, 2013

Our NEW book is HERE!

Finally - Our new book has arrived!

                     FREE SHIPPING if ordered now

"Gardening for Life - No Money Required"
By Wayne and Connie Burleson

After traveling around the world to eight third world countries, Wayne and Connie Burleson bring to you their exciting findings in this photographic garden manual. 

This book is all about how-to-grow life-healing vegetables completely in 100% homemade soil-based compost made from wasted resources resulting in outrageously high food production. No money is required!  It covers year-round growing ideas even in cold climates like Montana.            120 pages of color photos

The methods are simple... following the idea to work less and grow more as you learn how to let self-regenerating soils do the work for you, not you working the soils.  The book is 120 pages of why and how to grow your own food all in full color photos. it's all about simple time and money saving food growing ideas.  Best yet, you can do this too!

2 Simple way to order this BOOK:

Just go to and type in Gardening for Life - No Money Required
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Please send us by mail the completed order form below along with $19.95 for each book we now offer free shipping.  YEAH!

Mail To:         Wayne Burleson
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Wayne and Connie Burleson

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