Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Amazon has our book for sale. YEA!

A food gardening manual on How-to-Grow More Food with Less Work
Click on the amazon link below and enjoy

Here is a review from our very good master gardener friend TJ. :

"Hey gardeners... you need this book!!! :) Our incredible friends Wayne Burleson and Connie J. Burleson have developed creative, thought-provoking ideas (with gorgeous photographic illustrations) of new methods to feed the world... from our own backyards or windowsills to the 3rd world countries they visit, trowels in hand. These two people are not consumer travelers, they are hard-working, God-loving, people-helping and garden-growing hands & hearts!

There are uncountable great ideas in this book. Wayne is going to be a speaker at the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup this year, talking about some of these theories. Get your book!! :)"

By TJ.

Connie! Thank you for the sweet note in my book. :-) I sat down to read it the day it got here and am just in awe of you and Wayne and this book you've created. I posted a few of my favorite beginner backyard farming resources (one of the things we plan on doing after the move) and I made sure to include your book! Thanks for giving people like me the confidence to make real changes in the health of their family and even you and miss you, my friend!

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