Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another GO WILD! idea:


Here is another GO WILD! Gardening idea that we call: "Blanket Mulch Composting"

 We consider this nifty new idea, a gardening breakthrough.  I have struggled to come up with ways to re-generate used compost.  AND finely we are going to test this new idea.  It should work great!

 You simply make about 2 inches of chopped up, mixed and/or shredded dry plant material and green plant material along with some nice rich soil, all mixed together, placed right on top of your garden beds just after harvest.  Kind of like putting your beds, to bed, properly for the winter.  This idea will help with the biological rule:  "DON'T LET YOUR SOILS SEE DAYLIGHT"

 This mixed up mulch feels and smells much like compost, it's just not broken down yet.  You can scratch it into your soils so the wind will not blow it away.  Also add a bit of water on this newly applied mulch and let it sheet compost.  This idea copies nature as it drops all its leaves in the fall. 

 Our garden beds should be in much better shape come next spring with this nice looking, added organic matter laying right on top of our used garden beds.  You see, we grow in almost 100% soil based compost with great results and we know that some of the nutrients have been used and converted into healthy food.  Also, this new idea should help to accomplish this biological rule; IF YOU DON'T FEED THE SOILS, THEY WON'T FEED YOU".

Click on the link below, and watch this noisy video.  Sorry about the buzzing of the shredder.

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