Monday, July 23, 2012

12-Day Compost

Compost in a bucket started July 11, 2012

 Same bucket July 23, 2012

Our neighbor asks: "Can you make compost in a bucket?"

This became a Go Wild! Gardening test idea


Answer, you sure can.   

Photo taken 12 days later

                      GO WILD! Gardening method:  Drill holes in a 5 gallon bucket and the lid for oxygen.

  Fill bucket:  1/3 full of chopped-up dry tree leaves (carbohydrates) plus add water to wet these leaves
                            2/3 full of chopped-up green leaves (protein) for a carbon protein ratio around 30/1
                              1 scoop of good topsoil and/or old compost for inoculation of soil organism
                Hand full of kitchen waste: bananas, egg shells, potato peeling for added diversity
This compost, to be completely broken down, needs more time.   However, it is still usable when mixed with other soils.

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  1. Okay this explains a LOT. I've had a bucket compost going since last December, and all I've gotten from it is a stinky, wet thing with the occasional mold and fungus. I did everything right EXCEPT have ventilation. Going to take my power drill to that bucket ASAP...