Sunday, October 16, 2011

What is Gardening for Life?

Gardening for Life is a collection of methods for raising homegrown, super foods, that are great tasting, nutrient diverse that will bring health and healing to people in need on a year-round basis thus becoming FOOD FACTORY GARDENS capable of feeding families, to give away to others, or for sale or trade.

WHO?   Anyone in need

WHY?   To save lives, prevent certain health problems and improve general health conditions

WHEN?   We believe it's never too late to plant a Food Factory Garden, no matter where you live

WHERE?  Anywhere around the world

HOW?     Making healthy soils out of local recourses, healthy diverse compost that produces healthy plants that produces healthy foods that produces healthy people

   Comming soon to this blog ... learn how to build a FOOD FACTORY GARDEN that never gives up producing healthy food year-round. 

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