Monday, November 1, 2010

21 new Jamaica Gardens for LIfe

YA MON! (a common Jamaica saying). After another successful Gardening for Life mission trip this time to the Caribbean Island of Jamaica.

Here is a great photo of all the help that God sent from the SouthBrook Christian Church from Dayton, Ohio (a 31 person mission team). Together with their help and the support of ACE (American Caribbean Experience) in a few days ... 15 garden boxes were constructed with Bamboo poles for the sides all staked down on a steep erosive hillside. Plus 7 more Food factory gardens were constructed for individuals.

The success has started as these boxes held together in two torrential rainfall events (like several inches of hard rain in a matter of minutes). The boxes have germinated all kinds of vegetables thanks to the Good Lord and a very generous donation from the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. One miracle (a unplanned blessing) happened, for soil amendment we ended up using several sacks of old chicken manure mixed in with small wood chips that we added to each box. The native soils are mostly hard clay, which is a poor growing environment. The wood chips became a surface mulch and held the soil in place during the wind driven downpour. Strong mulching is a great aid for any gardening efforts in the tropics. Again, thank you Lord.

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